MM 137: Current Affairs Magazine in Gujarati, 2014

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current affairs
Monday Musings 137 is now available at You can view this magazine online or download in PDF format. We have covered new for 15 December, 2014 to 21 December, 2014 in this edition. We are publishing Monday Musings Current Affairs Magazine on every Monday. You can also view previous of this magazine at our Archives section.

Read Monday Musings - 137 Here
Salient features of Monday Musings
  • Important news from all newspapers, TV news channels etc...
  • Very important materials as "MM Special".
  • Archives of MM Special are available at "MM Special - Archives" section.
  • Current affairs as notes instead of lengthy stories.
  • Only exam oriented contents.
  • Easily downloadable files include previous Issues (available in archives).
  • And it's all at FREE! of cost. Enjoy the education at Where knowledge is not monopoly.
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